robot park


Robot Park is the palletless type which is latest mechanical multi-level park much more car promptly and safety in the limited space, it is possible to perform the parking and retrieving process for a sedan and a SUV at the same time as drive forward in parking and retrieving process with inner turn-table and vibration and noise for the building is less.


  1. Low-noise, low-vibration operating mechanism is attained by adopting wire rope elevator system.
  2. Vehicle in and out time is reduced greatly with elevation speed
  3. Including turntable in standard installation of a lift enables easy operation of a vehicle in and out even for inexperienced drivers.
  4. Location of entrance can be selected according to site needs.
  5. Safety is guaranteed by various safety devices to detect a vehicle door opening or a pallet derailing in advance.
  6. Meeting the trends of vehicles becoming more high class and getting bigger, larger vehicles can be parked easily.
  7. You can select a right model according to installation type, entry type, and site needs.