rotary park


Rotary Park is simple rotary type. It is easy to control the system and the parking/ retrieving time is shorter, therefore it is possible to reduce the expenses of maintenance.

  • Low Installation cost
  • Fast park & retrieve
  • Simple control /less error
  • Suitable for small-mid
  • SUV      6-12 cars
  • Sedan  6-16 cars


  1. It is suitable for small & mid scale building due to small installation area.
  2. Easy to operate can choose between touch screen or by contacting an RFID card system
  3. Due to the simple structure of system, the failure rate is less.
  4. The structure is simple than other, therefore the installation cost is cheaper.
  5. Quick installation as packaged type
  6. Suitable for 6-12 SUV or 6-16 Sedan